Vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission, values and code of conduct set basic expectations for anyone who works on behalf of the company Generali.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to actively protect and enhance people's lives.

  • Actively: through insurance, we have an active and a leading role in improving people’s lives.
  • Protect: we are dedicated to the essence of insurance – management and mitigation of risks, both for individuals and for the institutions.
  • Enhance: we are dedicated to creation of new values.
  • People: we care very much for the future and lives of our clients and our employees.
  • Lives: finally, we impact the quality of people’s lives; wealth, safety, advice and services have a deciding role in improving people’s chosen lifestyles in the long run.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions.

  • First choice: logical and natural action which acknowledges the best market offer based on clear advantages and benefits.
  • Delivering: we provide opportunities for the greatest accomplishments.
  • Relevant: prediction or meeting the needs of real life considered worthy, adjustment to local or personal needs and habits.
  • Accessible: simple and foremost accessible, easy to understand and useful; always available by competitive price.
  • Insurance Solutions: our goal is to offer and design a great combination of protection, advice and service.

Our Values

Deliver on the promise

  • With long-term agreements of mutual trust, we connect with our people, clients and other interested parties; all of our work is directed towards improving the lives of our clients.
  • We are disciplined and completely dedicated to delivering on our promise, and this way we affect this long-term relation.

Value our people

  • We value our people, encourage diversity, invest in continual learning and development and create transparent, cohesive and accessible work environment. Development of our people will ensure the long-term future of our company.

Live the community

  • We are proud to belong to a global Group, which has strong, stable and long-term relations in all market it operates within. Our markets are our homes.

Be open

  • We are curious, accessible and empowered people, with open and diverse worldviews, who want to look at things from a different perspective.

Our code of conduct

Generali Code of Conduct is our guideline for doing the right things. Our Code sets ethical expectations for every person who works for or on behalf of Generali across the globe. Here you can download our Code in our language.

The existence of mutual set of values and clear ethical expectation in our Code helps us to make decisions in a consistent way, and allows for our workplace to be an environment where one can always rely on sincereness, openness and honesty. When someone is facing an ethical dilemma, our values and our Code will guide them.

Our executives are expected to be the examples of our Code and to do everything they can to make members of their teams feel comfortable when asking questions about whether certain conducts or business suggestions are in accordance with our values and principles from our Code. Additionally, online and training programs run by lecturers combined with all-encompassing communications program, allow all of our employees, completely aware of the importance of our Code and their responsibility, to speak clearly if they have any questions.

Everyone is encouraged to express doubt or ask for clarification with regard to any aspect of our Code. To make this easier, we have provided local and Group level channels for reports, which allow people to report any kind of problem in any country we are operating in.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and we have zero tolerance for any kind of retribution.